The biggest qeeb. Ever.

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Introducing: Just Natsuki!

Spend an eternity together!
Some quality time with your favourite tsundere

N-not that she's desperate, or anything gross like that!

A lovely smile.
Two magnificent eyes.
A stunning appearance.

That's what it means to be a pro

A fanged sweetheart spending time just with you.

Give her the happy ending she deserves!

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Some real important dummies

Gives Natsu uppies
  • Lead Writer, Lead Developer
  • A passionate writer and programmer striving to help make Just Natsuki the best it can be.
  • Lead Developer, Lead Artist
  • The DDLC artist who draws all dokis with nice thighs tries to make Natsuki's day better now!
  • Community Manager
  • Obsessed Persona and Monika addict who somehow found his way to Nat land...
  • Writer, Community Manager
  • Just some guy who's an inspiring Indie Game Developer with an affinity for psychology, poetry, mental health and wellness.

And we wouldn't be here without these guys

Thanks for helping our development!

Local spaghetti monster
  • Programmer (retired)
  • I don't know what I'm doing
Master qebfitter
  • Artist (retired)
  • Hello~
    My name is Briar, I do artwork for the mod!
Overcomplicator extraordinare
  • Lead Programmer (retired)
  • There's no engineering like overengineering

    I just do the music
  • Programmer (on hiatus)
  • Passionate all-round programmer.

    Game developer.

    Piano/kazoo enthusiast.
Hope is the Page of the Future
  • Lead Artist, Lead Developer
  • Hi!
    Just a multi-collaborative dev here who's passionate about and loves what they do!
The catgirl that started it all...
  • Original mod creator, Writer
  • Nobody special really, I'm just a random girl who started a mod one day. And now, it's grown into something even better than I could've hoped. Looking forward to working to make this mod everything it still can be.
Two braincells on overtime
  • Writer
  • Local fanfiction addict goes pro!

You can't deny her cuteness.

Just look at this. Adorable.

Open source, and always will be.

All code, all visible. Honesty is our mantra.

What can I expect from Just Natsuki?

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